Volunteering Saves Lives: Two Tunisians Conquer Mountains to Raise Funds

You must be wondering how volunteering can actually lead to noble outcomes. If you are curious to know, then keep reading to find out!

Volunteering is an act that demands commitment and perseverance. It originates from the strong will of the volunteer. Nidhal Jabeur, known as THE KRAWTCH, and Ayoub Jebali are two Tunisian young campers who challenged themselves to serve a noble aim by climbing the four highest mountains in Tunisia. Their ultimate purpose was to save cancer patients for the benefit of ‘MARAM association’.  The Association was created in tribute to the little angel Maram Agal who died at the age of three after a tiring fight against neuroblastoma. Their objectives are to help and support hospitalized children and their families and to fund research in this area.

Nidhal and his friend wearing Maram association’s tee-shirt.

‘ 4 peaks in 4 days for 4  kids’

The challenge poster

The challenge ‘ 4 peaks in 4 days for 4  kids’ was held on Thursday, the 19th of April. The two Tunisians climbed the following mountains:
The top of the saddle mountain : 1355 metres
The peak of mount Barqu : 1256 metres
The summit of mount Zaghouan : 1302 metres
The top of Resas mountain: 799 metres

Nothing comes easily!

The challenge was not easy, as Nidhal declared, because he had to do it successively non-stop in 4 days. He admitted that he faced physical difficulties because he had to finish the challenge in a very short time.
With the help of his friend Ayoub, Nidhal succeeded in raising the Tunisian Flag on the peaks of the highest mountains in Tunisia. 

camping preparations

This challenge had other aims

Encouraging and motivating Tunisian youth to be aware of the importance of practising sports and identifying the ecological wealth in the country was one of the challenge’s aims.
It was also an opportunity to define and encourage Ecotourism as a new face of tourism in Tunisia, and to show how beneficial it is to the economy and the internal growth. Eventually, the challenge aimed to raise the Tunisian flag on the highest mountains peaks.

Currently, Nidhal is dedicating his life to introduce the world to the importance of adapting the camping culture. He is working on promoting Tunisia externally by doing collaborations with youth from all over the world.

Nidhal raising the Tunisian flag on the top of the mountain

Volunteering for noble aims is very beneficial not only for others but also to ourselves.

It is by helping people and taking part in turning their frowns into smiles that we feel satisfied with ourselves. In fact, people’s reaction and positive feedback about your hard work will keep you motivated and willed to do more. Finally, volunteering is very human but few are those who are aware of this. It is really spectacular to find young people who encourage this kind of deeds.

Nidhal and Ayoub feeling victorious

 Be someone who helps and feel happy about it. Do good and good will come back to you.

© All photos were taken from Nidhal Jabeur with his permission and do not belong to the author of this article.

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