Thank you for your interest to join IVolunteer International. At IVolunteer International we value communication and collaboration as our two major driving forces. Since we operate worldwide and our volunteers are from around the world, we utilize futuristic communication platforms to keep in touch to instill the impact we make in the world. We are excited to know that you’ve chosen our organization for the next step of your life, let it be a job, internship, or a staff volunteer opportunity.

Below are some of the opportunities that are currently available to you. If you meet the requirements and if you’re passionate, apply and let us know. Good luck!

Volunteer Journalist is a position that will hold membership in IVolunteer International’s Writer’s Council. The “Writer’s Council” consists of volunteer writers who will keep the organization’s official blog energized by sharing stories of youth leadership, youth movements, world-changing volunteer campaigns, and inspiring volunteer projects. The position is a flexible position, which means that the tasks allocated to you must be completed on your own time on or before the deadline and you can work from anywhere, virtually. This is an unpaid, volunteer position without any financial compensation. The position is open to citizens of any country. We are open to working with your schedule and allocating flexible tasks.

Objectives of Our Blog

  • Establish an online platform for youth leaders and writers to share their stories inspired by volunteerism.
  • Publishing blog articles about youth movements, world-changing volunteer campaigns, local community achievements and inspiring volunteer projects to raise awareness and inspire our audience to volunteer and get engaged in their community.

Application Requirements

  • Understand the vision and mission of IVolunteer International and the Writer’s Council.
  • Have strong communication skills (reliability, response time) and have access to communication software such as Skype, Whatsapp, and reliable access to the internet to use other software such as email, Google Drive, etc.
  • Have intermediary experience and knowledge of Google Drive, Google Documents, WordPress and Microsoft Office.
  • Be able to author and publish stories about youth movements, inspiring volunteer events, youth campaigns, etc., by reaching out to individuals and researching campaigns around the world.
  • Have an excellent command of the English language in writing and speaking.
  • Have an ability to produce draft write-ups/stories or showcase a previous personal portfolio of the work and be able to participate in telephonic and/or virtual interviews before selection.
  • A proven willingness and ability to meet deadlines.
  • A proven ability to act as a representative of IVolunteer International to attend meetings and conduct interviews.
  • Have basic soft skills and leadership qualities to work together in a team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief of IVolunteer International to achieve the objectives of the Writers’ Council and the blog
  • Reach out to individuals and organizations (or find stories) and connect with them to compile articles about youth-led movements, inspiring volunteer stories, etc.
  • Be able to cover events in the local community and interview important figureheads as requested.
  • Produce a minimum of four articles per month.
  • Reach out to other nonprofit organizations, nationally recognized individuals and other impact-driven personnel for interviews and cover stories.
  • Attend bi-weekly and/or monthly virtual meetings (for the team).

All stories authored must be of your own work. If needed, the content including information and images must be appropriately cited. No previously copyrighted material is allowed to be in your work. All authors must have a serious understanding of ethics in journalism and plagiarism. As a writer, you can write about any topic you’re interested in as well. In the past, some writers have written articles to raise awareness about mental health, equal pay, internationally celebrated days, etc. You do not have to “stick” to a selected few avenues. We need you to be creative.

Commitment & Contract

If you’re applying for this opportunity as an intern for College Credit – A commitment of a minimum of 15 hours a week is expected.
If you’re applying for this opportunity as an intern in general – A commitment of a minimum of 8 hours a week is expected. 
If you’re applying for this opportunity as a volunteer – a commitment of a minimum of 5 hours a week is expected.

The timeframe could vary depending on the subject matter covered in the article. If it’s an interview or event coverage, significant time ought to be spent. All articles published under your name will be added to your personal portfolio, but IVolunteer International will own all published material. The authors are not restricted to a particular format of writing. Prior to publishing an article, it will be reviewed in order to validate the content and rectify any errors. An author also has the freedom to network with other authors of the council and produce an article of a collaborative effort.

Recognition & Benefits

  • The opportunity to partner and network with high-level representatives from other internationally operative and recognized nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and humanitarian organizations around the world as an official representative of IVolunteer International
  • The ability to maintain a professional portfolio of all your published material on the IVolunteer International’s website at your disposal.
  • The possible opportunities for applying and attending national and international seminars, workshops, and other events as an official representative of IVolunteer International.
  • A letter of recognition at the end of each commitment time period as requested by you from the organization.
  • The ability to enhance your skills by using IVolunteer International’s software and platforms such as WordPress, Hootsuite, Google Drive, and other software as relevant and related.
  • The ability to gain some deep insight into the back-end operations of the expansion of a start-up nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

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