When we empower individual people to take action in their communities, they in return create multiplicative social impact. From increasing access to education, taking care of our environment, feeding the homeless, to keeping people alive – our volunteers are at the forefront of defense in their communities. This is how we use volunteerism to create resiliency.

Brennan Fitzgerald

IVolunteer International helped Salvation Scarves by giving us a platform to reach out not only for more donations but also a conversation starter for other charities to hopefully start an organization where the attention is on the Homeless population with the only goal of helping them and hopefully ending homelessness.

Brennan Fitzgerald, Organizer; Salvation Scarves Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Alberto Perra

We relied on IVolunteer International in providing us 50 volunteers to manage the on site logistics of the conference. The conference was a success because of the amazing work of the volunteers, always smiling and making sure that the participants go through the best experience ever. IVolunteer International is an amazing organization made of wonderful people, we will continue our partnership for the future events!

Alberto Perra, Director of Operations; Future We Want Model United Nations 2019 New York City, United States.
Mina Vasovic

IVolunteer International has provided us with 50 amazing, hardworking volunteers who were irreplaceable asset of the conferrence. That was an amazing group of motivated and highly performing people who met for the first time and acted as a team that works together for years, giving the participants the best experience ever. A big THANK YOU, IVolunteers and keep up with good work! We greatly appreciate it!

Mina Vasovic, Chief of Staff, External Consultant; Italian Diplomatic Academy New York City, United States.
Aleshia Howell

IVolunteer International was vital to the success of Geekend 2019. They took charge of our entire volunteer organization process, from recruitment to follow-up to orientation to execution. It was a true pleasure to work with an organization which is not only incredibly thorough and competent but also passionate about volunteering and volunteer advocacy. Our volunteer organization has not been well run in the past; IVolunteer International raised the bar several notches and made the difference between Geekend being just okay to a runaway success. I recommend them without hesitation and would absolutely work with them again.

Aleshia Howell, Program Director, Creative Coast Savannah, Georgia, USA

Our Initiatives

We believe in the power of the people. That's why, apart from connecting you to projects in your local community using a mobile app, we also took measures to inspire and encourage volunteers around the world. Our main initiatives provide individuals the ability to create change and contribute to social impact in their own unique way.


Join thousands of people worldwide and pledge to do some good on your birthday. From planting a tree, writing a card, donating to a charity, to volunteering online, options are limitless! Share your deeds using #birthdaydeed.

Writers' Council Fellowship

Established in 2019, the Writers' Council has grown to be one of the most popular programs we have established. The Writers’ Council Fellowship recruits young leaders and activists from around the world to create a platform for change-making and empowerment. Fellows go through professional development sessions, meet and interact with other Fellows, and power our blog by spotlighting local and global issues.

Support volunteer friendly policies globally

Through our networks and elite associations, we continue to advocate for volunteer and civic-engagement friendly policies with institutions and communities worldwide.

Providing end-to-end volunteer recruitment

For our flagship projects and partners, we support them take the burden out of volunteer recruitment by providing end-to-end volunteer recruitment support. This is a win for the organization and volunteers both.

Empowering young leaders to lead change

Through partnerships like the Future We Want Model United Nations, IVolunteer International hosts training and capacity development for volunteers around the world to become better advocates.

Talking about the power of volunteering

IVolunteer International attends various speaking engagement and networking events to talk about the power of volunteering to local, national, and international audiences. This awareness contribute to people powered volunteerism.

COVID-19: GroceryAid (Archived)

In 2020, IVolunteer International launched a volunteer-and-beneficiary matching software for Georgia called GroceryAid. The system matched volunteers and beneficiaries utilizing zip-codes to help with grocery shopping needs. Read about our success here.

IVolunteer Series Talkshow (Archived)

Established in 2019, the IVolunteer Series Talkshow hosted activists and advocates from around the world to share the power of volunteering. The talkshow is now archived and episodes are available to view on our YouTube channel.