Creating 7 billion volunteers.


Connecting volunteers to volunteer projects in real-time in their local communities worldwide.


To create a culture of global contribution through volunteerism by inspiring individuals to volunteer for causes they care about, whenever they are free.

Our footprint

Disrupting Commitment

Individuals will only volunteer for projects they care about whenever they are free. No commitments and strings attached. No weekly meetings. This is volunteering at your will.

Mobilizing Communities

Irrespective of your economic status, interests, geographic location, religion or any other category you fall into, you can go and volunteer.

Empowering Charity Organizations

Charity organizations don’t have to worry about searching for volunteers anymore. We do it for them and we take care of the cost. Services are free!

Building a Global Community

When individuals volunteer, they make new friends with each volunteer project. We are bridging the gap of geography and misunderstanding to create a united world.