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Volunteer at your heart's will in your community or in any country of the world and be a global citizen.


“Volunteering is essential to humankind because there will always be a need for good deeds. Some of these deeds go beyond the average paying career path, and instead rely on individuals to use their time for good. That is why this platform is important.”

Zineb Touzani
Rotary Youth Representative to the United Nations
Rotary International

“Volunteering allows young people to build relations, experience and network in a usually stressed environment. Volunteering can expose people to taste different walks of life and this experience is only available through volunteering at your heart’s will. This is why this platform is important.”

Tina Mulcahy
Executive Director of the European Youth Centre Strasbourg
Youth Department, Council of Europe

“Volunteering is about compassion and helping people – if done the right way, it is very liberating and keeps you in sync with the universe. This is why I love volunteering, there is no greater feeling that to know you can help someone.”

Ralph Scotland
Youth Co-Chair Intergenerational Dialogues on the SDGs - UN DPI/NGO
Secretary General, Rotaract Global Model United Nations

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