Executive Staff Spotlight: Tyler D’Alto

Introducing our Chief Financial Officer, Tyler D’alto.

Who is Tyler?

Tyler is a senior in college pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics. However, he is more than just a student. Tyler is also an entrepreneur and a volunteer. His interests include real estate, technology, and of course Finance.
Tyler is an Avid Reader of the Wall Street Journal. As an individual that believes in the importance of being informed, he spends at minimum 30-60 minutes a day reading the WSJ and various other news sources and dedicates near the entirety of his college career to finance and leadership positions. He is also attempting to distinguish himself in serving as the treasurer to a plethora of organizations during his college career. Before going into business for himself -which allowed for a first-hand opportunity to manage the finances of a business- Tyler has spent time in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. He also spent a summer at the financial firm Whitaker securities where he received his general securities license. While Tyler may be a bit reserved, he is one of the most honest and straightforward individuals you will ever encounter.s

Involvement with IVolunteer

Tyler met Nipuna Ambanpola, our Executive Director, and Tajae Francis, our US Country Rep, through the Student Government Association. Shortly after The Rotaract club was created at the former Armstrong State University (now Georgia Southern), he joined the club and it was through this organization that Tyler discovered the importance of serving our communities. He is passionate about feeding people and believes that no one should go hungry. While attending a Future we want Model United Nations (FWWMUN) conference in New York, Nipuna floated the idea to
Tyler of him coming on board as the CFO of IVolunteer. He accepted and became CFO in March of 2018 where he has played a role in fundraising and budgeting for the I Volunteer as they pursue the launch of their mobile application. For any nonprofit, the position of CFO is influential in the growth and development and organization.

Future aspirations

In the future, Tyler plans on getting involved in real estate. He has always liked to build. To him, being able to create a structure that can provide a family with shelter would be an incredible feeling. He wants to change the way that people interact and use public spaces. A large part of his
motivation stems from the increasing student debt levels making it harder for would-be homebuyers to get their first home. “It is part of the American dream to buy a house and I want to do my part to provide low-cost entry-level homes to as many people as I can.”

Piece of Advice

When asked about a piece of advice to readers that share the same passion as Tyler, he simply said: “Always go out of your way to help people, because you never know when you may need help.”

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IVolunteer International is a Gold Seal nonprofit organization on Guidestar. Operating from Savannah, Georgia, IVolunteer International connects volunteers to volunteer projects around the world. Since 2017, IVolunteer has connected over 3,000 volunteers worldwide. In 2019, World Trade Center Savannah selected IVolunteer International as finalists of the Peace Through Trade Competition. In 2020, IVolunteer International will develop and launch a geo-connecting mobile application which will be available to volunteers around the world.

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