Executive Staff Spotlight: Kynder Ann Ganoe

Meet the Chief Marketing Officer of IVolunteer, Kynder Ganoe.

Who is Kynder?

Kynder is an Environmental Activist, a Marketing graduate, and a servant Rotarian.

Getting involved with IVolunteer:

In college, Kynder was a roommate with a girl who was active in Rotaract. Her friend invited her to one of their meetings, which was her first interaction with Rotaract. Impressed by the spirit to serve, Kynder got officially involved with Rotaract which was how she met Nipuna, our Executive Director (thanks to a neighboring club).

Kynder has always been passionate about helping others but it wasn’t until she joined Rotaract that she realized how much real difference in the world is needed. Thanks to her passion, she is now leading the Marketing team at IVolunteer.

A CMO and an Entrepreneur

What strikes you about Kynder is her entrepreneurial sense of creation. She is a very diverse and interesting female leader. One of her involvements includes the Zero Waste Movement, an initiative to reduce as much plastic as possible. Along with her passion for volunteering, Kynder started a sustainable beauty and hygiene company name ” The Nabi Effect“, which is the Korean translation of “The butterfly effect”. Eventually, she hopes that her business will turn into a subscription-based system for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste – eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaged bathroom products.

Her company has a Buy 1, Give 1 policy that also donates hygiene supplies to an organization based in Georgia called Map International. They donate hygiene to communities undergoing natural disaster. Kynder’s entire company is based off helping mother earth and humanity. You can find more about it on Instagram and Facebook.

An aspiring Actress and Director

When we said that Kynder has very diverse interests, this is what we meant: She is also an Actress and a want-to-be director. Through the entertainment industry, Kynder hopes to use her platform to help people in plastic pollution, and to grow her company to have an actual store. She also hopes to let people know about how much plastic is harmful to mother earth and how they should switch to more sustainable alternatives.

A piece of Advice

In fact, when asked about a piece of advice to our readers, Kynder said:” Volunteers don’t have a lot of time on their hands, but it opens up a lot of doors. With volunteering, you can meet people with all sorts of backgrounds and doesn’t matter where you come from, you all come together to support the same cause, so Volunteer!”.

Find Kynder on Facebook, and don’t be afraid to e-mail her for any inquiries.

IVolunteer International is a Gold Seal nonprofit organization on Guidestar. Operating from Savannah, Georgia, IVolunteer International connects volunteers to volunteer projects around the world. Since 2017, IVolunteer has connected over 3,000 volunteers worldwide. In 2019, World Trade Center Savannah selected IVolunteer International as finalists of the Peace Through Trade Competition. In 2020, IVolunteer International will develop and launch a geo-connecting mobile application which will be available to volunteers around the world.

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