Executive Staff Spotlight: Akash Shah

Introducing IVolunteer‘s Chief Technical Officer, Akash Shah.

Who is Akash?

Akash is a 23-year-old aspiring leader with a very diverse and interesting background. Born in Dubai, he moved to the States in 2005 where he went to school and got his degree in Design.

Passionate about Efficiency

It is safe to say that Akash‘s passion tends to strike as different. He cares about efficiency with what we use; how things can be simplified through design and programming. Akash cares about the user experience with tools, not only to make them simpler and but also to make them more pleasant. The way he got into design was actually unplanned: When the first iPods came out, he was into figuring out how to make it better for himself and other users. The intellectual aspect of such a world of high tech certainly creates a sparkle in his eyes. Akash enjoys doing it, will continue on performing such research and actually has got a couple of projects in progress.

Involvement with IVolunteer

It was thanks to our Executive Director, Nipuna, that Akash got on board. As Nipuna has an eye into knowing who would be a great addition to the Executive Staff, he saw Akash as a potential remarkable contributor. Nipuna contacted Akash via LinkedIn, introduced the organization, their work, what they are trying to do, and asked to meet up with Akash to talk about the mobile app IVolunteer is developing. Akash stated that he was sceptical at first, but as soon as he sat down and talked to Nipuna, he knew he had to join. IVolunteer seemed to have a lot to offer to the world, and Akash wanted to take part in it.

A Piece of Advice

Though Akash is at a pivotal point in his life in regards to his future plans, he had great advice for our dear readers. Akash himself had trouble in his early college years. He had great ideas but didn’t have enough time to execute them which eventually led his ideas to keep falling behind. So, for whoever is in his same situation, he says:” The only way I was out of it[his early college struggle] was by examining myself, understanding who I am, and being truthful to that”. He encourages everyone to do the same, and good will come along. Akash also said:” Just get started, doesn’t matter how small, just take the first step. Easier to build on that than to wait and make the perfect idea”.

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IVolunteer International is a Gold Seal nonprofit organization on Guidestar. Operating from Savannah, Georgia, IVolunteer International connects volunteers to volunteer projects around the world. Since 2017, IVolunteer has connected over 3,000 volunteers worldwide. In 2019, World Trade Center Savannah selected IVolunteer International as finalists of the Peace Through Trade Competition. In 2020, IVolunteer International will develop and launch a geo-connecting mobile application which will be available to volunteers around the world.

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