#BirthdayDeed: Anniversary Celebration Project

Today, we celebrate our birthday and what better way to do it than to launch a global project.

IVolunteer International has a longer history than it has published. The concept to initiate a non-profit organization was first brought to the table in the year 2015. The project was launched in Sri Lanka and the organization was called ‘IVolunteer Sri Lanka.’

After a lot of challenges, the organizational structure, operation, and sustainability plan were upgraded. A component of this upgrade led to the organization’s brand change – IVolunteer International. A little idea, to connect volunteers to opportunities around the world became a big dream and a hope to achieve.

Since January 2016, we have connected more than 900 volunteers to more than 20 projects around the world. Our roots have expanded from Sri Lanka to United States of America, Australia, Germany, Kenya and Uganda and we keep pursuing partnerships and promoting opportunities. We have great big hope behind our vision ‘elevating the quality of human life across the globe.’ In November 2016, we presented our hopeful endeavor at the Global Goals Youth Forum at the United Nations Headquarters in N.Y.C. 

On this day while we celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we are launching a global project called ‘Birthday-Deed.’

Birthday-Deed Project

#BirthdayDeed is our anniversary project. It will be focusing on encouraging individuals around the world to do something good on their birthday. We believe that our world will have a great positive impact if 7 billion people in this world did something good to their community on their birthdays. Our vision for the project is to ‘make everyone in this world who is willing and able, to do something good on their birthday.’

If you’re interested in doing something good on your birthday, you can sign up to be in our database.

How BirthdayDeed Works

When your birthday is nearby, we send you a reminder email wishing you a happy birthday. We will give you a list of options you could do on your birthday. Then, on your birthday, with all the celebration and happy vibes, we hope you do something good and complete your #Birthdaydeed. It could be anything you choose to do – big or small. When you complete your birthday-deed, you can take pictures and put it up on social media using the hashtag #Birthdaydeed. You can nominate your friends and refer them to our page so your friends can sign up too! We are so excited!

We are changing lives with you. We don’t have to change the world in a day. Little steps of kindness and positivity will change the world soon! Visit our #BirthdayDeed Project Cluster and SIGN UP for the project!

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