Altruistic Tourism – ‘Voluntourism’


“Volunteering” is popular among everyone. But have you heard of Voluntourism?

Melanie Santiago, an ambassador of IVolunteer International shares her experience of Voluntourism with REACH. Other Ambassadors including Shamilka, Thareendra and Pasindu also participated.

As a youth, we are passionate about traveling around the world. Have you ever thought of making the Earth a better place to live while achieving your travel goals?

Voluntourism is similar to Volunteering. It can be considered as volunteer travel or volunteer vacation, which gives you an exposure in both volunteering and traveling.

Such opportunities are available around the globe and yes in Sri Lanka too!

Voluntourism in Sri Lanka

REACH is an initiative in Sri Lanka which promotes Voluntouring and offers affordable packages varying on the preference of foreigners who aspire to travel and volunteer.

We joined Kaminda De Silva from REACH on January 20th, 2017 at the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation site to have a hands-on experience. The Volunteer travelers from China were present after participating in a number of other volunteering events.

The experience at Kosgoda stimulated learning and an urge to care. According to the reviews of our co-ambassadors, the hospitality was excellent and it almost felt like home.

The organization has a diverse and unique range of projects. It helps get both volunteer and travel experience. By the time you return home after your vacation you’d be happy to depart after being part of a worthy cause.

At the same time for those who are 100% into volunteering – it will be 75% traveling experience as you will be helping out with small tasks. Nevertheless, it allows you to enjoy your vacation without tiring yourself. Therefore, it fulfills both purposes – traveling and volunteering.

IVolunteer International team noticed that it helps to learn about sea turtles at a facility that is not geared for profit nor other benefits. The workers at the center are genuinely working towards protecting the sea turtles.

It felt great to be a part of this noble cause.

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