Want To Volunteer During Or After a Disaster? Here Are Some (Free) Training Resources!

It’s the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean and all the emergency agencies are preparing for it. While you must continue to be on the look-out for emergency notifications and alerts about weather patterns and changes, it is good to educate yourself about disaster response and other training material available (for free) for volunteers!









Trusted by more than 130,000 humanitarians and developed in collaboration with leading aid agencies and humanitarian experts, makes cutting-edge professional development resources available to relief and development workers and volunteers – anywhere, anytime, at no cost.’s online learning library of more than 1,000 training resources is constantly expanding and covers core topics such as Humanitarianism, Program/Operations, Protection, Staff Welfare, Management and Leadership, Staff Safety & Security, and Soft Skills. is available as an open online learning portal for individuals to register on their own or for organizations looking to provide online training to employees and volunteers.








VolunteerReady is a nonprofit program of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation developed in collaboration with leading organizations in disaster relief. VolunteerReady is an online learning portal built to increase the preparedness and effectiveness of spontaneous volunteers responding to disasters in the United States. All courses are 100% free and accessible from a smartphone, PC or tablet allowing you to complete the training on the go, while you are volunteering, or as support when you are done.

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