“අම්මා, අපිට අද අලුත් තෑගි ලැබුනා!” – The Successful Completion Of The Project සෙනෙහස.

Translation of the title: “We got new presents today, mom!” – The Successful Completion Of The Project “සෙනෙහස” (affection).

The Project Senehasa was conducted to support a primary school in Nannapurawa, Bibile called the Thiththawalkiula Primary School. This school is situated in a suburb in Nannapurawa, about a clear 5-10 kilometers before the city of Bibile, when you travel from Colombo. A team from IVolunteer International visited the venue about 2 weeks back to conduct a research to see how we could help them, and Project Senehasa was conducted as the post-research project to support them. Click here for the assessment article.

After the donation list was confirmed, we conducted several collection points and campaigns to collect the donations. We met our target satisfactorily and we are all very happy about it. On the 26th of July 2016, a group from IVolunteer International departed Colombo, heading towards the primary school. The broken and twisted roads didn’t damage our courage because our hearts were full of affection. We reached the destination at like 9:30AM and was welcomed very warmly, as usual. We unloaded our donations and packed everything to small packets of 50, do be donated to the children in classes from 1-5 respectively.

After the packing, the principal invited us to present the donations at a small meeting in their hall. This meeting was graced by villagers, children in the school, staff and parents. It was a lovely sight to see everyone happy and merry, awaiting their nice gift pack prepared by IVolunteer International thanks to all our lovely donors from all over Sri Lanka. We handed over their gift bags from grade 1 to 5 respectively. The children conducted a thank you note and a little entertainment item, which we enjoyed thoroughly.

This community service project wasn’t done as a one off thing. We hope to keep communication with the school and hopefully support them in the future as well, in our capacity. If time, money and sponsors permit, we hope to donate them with some other infrastructure facility as well, after processed approval from the Ministry of Education. We would like to thank all our donors who donated all the essential items in their various capacities with love, believing in our scope of activity. We would like to specially thank Book Swap Colombo (Creators’ Edition) and Barista Lavazza – Museum Gallery Cafe for hosting us at the Creators’ Edition IV and letting us conduct a collection point. We would also like to thank the Rotaract Club of NSBM for launching a collection point of their own to hand over a big donation to us!

We would also like to thank the volunteers who came to help us out to sort the donations and pack them; namely Sahan, Raveena, Kanishka, Thareendra and Shanith. Thareendra even travelled with us to Bibile, to conduct the project. Last but not least, we would like to thank the board of directors of IV, for always being the backbone of the organization and voluntarily contributing their best capacity to reach our goals and each and everyone who supported us by word, donation, thought and spirit. Looking forward to do good in our capacity while establishing our scope of contributing to elevate the quality of human life across the globe.

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