It Is Still Three Minutes To Midnight

“Last year, the Science and Security Board moved the Doomsday Clock forward to three minutes to midnight, noting: ‘The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.’ That probability has not been reduced. The Clock ticks. Global danger looms. Wise leaders should act immediately.”

With such an imminent threat to the whole human race, it is still as relevant as it was during the cold war, to secure the world that is free of nuclear weapons. And that is exactly what the Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn will be doing in their Rotaract Model United Nations from August 17 – 20, 2017 in Beirut-Lebanon.

The Rotaract club of Sahel Metn was founded on August 28, 2002. It has won all of the three Rotaract District 2452 Awards for the last two years: the Outstanding project award (for the following Sustainable projects: recyclables sorting center (2015), Bus Stop (2014)); the Service award for accomplishing the mission of Rotaract and the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) recognition award. Lebanon also hosted from June 2to June 5, 2016, the Mediterranean Conference MEDICON 2016 “Lebanon Joins the continents”, with participants from all over the world.

Taking into account our geopolitical location, being in the Middle East and specifically in Lebanon where challenges arise daily and cultures coexist with harmony, and viewing with apprehension the young generations’ concerns about the state of war we face nowadays; we are united towards peace building and peacekeeping in order to secure a sustainable and free nuclear world for future generations.

We believe that gathering Rotaractors from all around the world will improve their personal and professional skills and lead them to become the world’s future leaders based on negotiations and cultural understandings.

Our hope is that one day people everywhere will share the power of the same wish in making the world a better place!

About The Author: Victoria Cherfane is an attorney-at-law who is also a part of the Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn. She accepted the confirmation from the Rotaract Global MUN to host the 2017 session in Beirut-Lebanon at the United Nations Headquarters on November 28, 2017. She is also a part of the RGMUN 2017 organizing committee.

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