Fight Against Hunger – Robin Hood Army

Join the fight against hunger today with the Robin Hood Army Sri Lanka.

The Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer-based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants across to the less fortunate people. Their local chapters are run by friends and colleagues who hope to create a difference in their own small way. For example, restaurants in Green Park, Delhi will contribute to the homeless of the locality via volunteers who live in Green Park. Their volunteers are largely students and young working professionals. The lesser fortunate sections they help include homeless families, night shelters, orphanages, and patients from public hospitals.

The RHA is a very decentralized organization and does not accept monetary contributions- they just need your time. Their vision is to eliminate hunger and food wastage globally. The idea is to create self-sustained chapters who will look after their local community. And in the process, inspire people around the chapters to give back to those who need it most.

Source: Robin-Hood Army Official Facebook Page

RHA is now operating in Sri Lanka, bringing the fight against hunger to one of the most generous countries in the world. RHA is operating in 30+ cities and by the end of 2017, they’ve progressed 1% of their goal.

You can review the cities in which the RHA operate and join their team to fight against hunger and food wastage in the world. Ending hunger and achieving food security is the Goal 2 of UN Sponsored Sustainable Development Goals and so, is a global issue worth tackling for the betterment of everyone living on earth.

With the establishment of Robin Hood Army Sri Lanka, they have received a lot of support from a variety of organizations. If you’re in Sri Lanka (or around any city that they operate, for that matter) you can support their initiative. You can volunteer for the international organization, connect your restaurant to provide food for the needy or start your own RHA chapter in your college.

Fighting to end hunger is noble. Join the flight today as a volunteer.


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