Creating Hope Through Art – How Iridescence Works

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to partner up with a promising non-profit organization. Iridescence – Hope Through Art operates to teach art to less fortunate and marginalized children in Sri Lanka. As of right now, the organization is mainly focusing its contributions to child-care centers (orphanages).

The Promise & Mission

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-51-20-amIridescence – Hope Through Art has a very appealing mission, sustainably contributing to achieving its vision. They “use art to capture the imagination of children, to empower them, build confidence, self-esteem, and hope.” The team believes that art is an effective tool in igniting children’s imagination and self-esteem. They are confident that it has the power to transform lives, of both the artist and the viewer. The organization promotes their vision and voices “through exhibitions, magazines, short movies, and websites.” By linking with local organizations they work to strengthen the children’s education and general wellbeing by providing financial support through sales of their art of by developing their own project with a focus on leadership and the arts.

The Story of The Logo

11816349_1638254609755489_6275042063024560317_oThe logo of the organization is created with a colorful vibrancy that embodies the title it represents; iridescence. The shape of the symbol is that of a shell, and the first impression resembles a spiral stairway. This is to portray the organization as one that aids children to emerge from their artistic shells. At the same time, the spiral conveys how the organization gradually empowers the child to climb their way to unparalleled heights of success.

Kindness Project

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-50-36-amThe organization is currently working on a kindness project. This is a pay-it-forward campaign – the organization sends free books to people with the hope that it creates a community of paying-it-forward.

How it works –

First, the organization will post free books to people, with the hope that it creates a community of paying it forward. If you’d like a book from Iridescence, then you need to request one from them. You can also click on the ‘Book Request’ tab on their Facebook page.  Also, if you want to donate a book to them, you can do so by dropping it off at the drop off center which is the Black Cat Café + B&B.

All books will be sent via post, and the package includes the requested book, 3 pay-it-forward-cards, a letter and a bookmark. Once you receive a book, you need to send one of your books along with two of the pay-it-forward cards to someone who loves to read hoping he/she would pay it forward.

Iridescence is hoping to post books to people abroad, starting next year.

In addition to this kindness project, they have three upcoming projects in November and December 2016. The first is focused on doing Art Therapy for differently abled children. The second is an Art Therapy and Art Workshop for the children at the Cancer Hospital. The third would be two art workshops at orphanages in and out of Colombo.

As of now, Iridescence is going strong thanks to the passion of the two directors – Tahira Rifath (founder) and Shanaz Fouze. By the end of December, they hope to expand the team up to 8 passionate individuals. They believe it is possible, looking at the enormous amount of positive feedback they’ve been getting so far. Iridescence is changing lives. If you would like to be a part of their team yourself, read more about their vacancies!


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