Climate Change Action and our World Today

Climate Change

All around the world, climate change is still a great challenge. It is no respecter of any nation’s boundaries. It affects all countries of the world and poses a great threat to livelihood. Greenhouse gases from natural sources have drastically increased causing a sudden rise in Earth’s average temperature. Without action, the world’s average surface temperature is likely to surpass 3 degrees centigrade this century according to the United Nation’s report.

If we continue this way and do not make substantial modifications, it is scary to imagine how unsafe our future would be. Since it hasn’t got to the extreme, it lies in our hands to find innovative solutions to this global trend.

What then is Climate Change?

Cobuild Advanced English Dictionary refers to climate change as the changes in the earth’s climate. Especially the gradual rise in temperature caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases. Human activities such as environmental pollution, consumption habits and our clothing have a great impact on climate. It then results in temperature rise, deforestation, extinction of species, and rising sea levels.

Climate change is caused by forces of nature, but humans influence the process massively by such activities listed above. The consequences are extremely dangerous and we need to act fast.

How does climate change affect us?

The impact of climate change is continually on the increase. It is the leading factor in making natural disaster more frequent. Every day, we hear reports of natural disasters including flood, extreme weather conditions, drought and fire outbreak in our environments, most recently the Australian fire.

Looking at the Australian fire outbreak, CNN reports that there is fire season each year during the Australian summer with hot dry weather making it easy for blazes to start and spread. For years now, the fires have been starting earlier in the season and spreading with greater intensity affecting many lives, families and animals. About 30 persons died and more than 3000 homes destroyed according to reports.

Steps Taken This Far

From the time of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN, most countries have taken vital steps to create several means of fighting climate change. Techniques put in place range from the application of renewable energy, afforestation, reusable products, to action plans, and more. It is obvious that a lot has been done, but we still need to take quick action on various angles. If we keep looking into the solutions put in place and create more solutions, we can jointly preserve our environment.

How can we get involved?

Whether we like it or not, we all are contributing to climate change action. Just as we caused this problem, we can also be the change. Governments, Civil Society Organizations and individuals can be part of it.

Policymakers are urged to come up with workable and functional policies which can reduce the impact of carbon emissions. They should also work to adopt a low carbon economy.

Multinational companies are already finding new solutions by producing eco-friendly products for use. But the challenge here is what drives most companies is profit-making. As a result, consumers need to show distributing companies that there is a market for them by switching to using their eco-friendly products. If we invest in products that can possibly bring solutions to climate action, companies would get more committed to the course.

There is still hope for our planet if we resort to renewable energy. We can decide today to swap to some easy eco-friendly products and go greener. We can reduce the issues we are facing if we, as individuals, consider the things we do. Let us take deliberate actions to preserve our environs. You can choose to do your part today.

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