IVolunteer International Partners with Impakt X for Youth Advocacy

[Savannah, Georgia | June 27, 2019 -] Too often, we are carried away by the thought that young people are the leaders of tomorrow and we forget how important their leadership is today. In local communities around the world, young people are taking action, engaging in leadership opportunities, and are involved in decision-making processors. By pushing the young leaders’ movement, we continue to empower young leaders through shared resources and mentorship.

Impakt X is a social enterprise established with the purpose of building trust within communities and finding solutions to global Sustainable Development Goals by placing young people at the center of sustainable development at all levels. It is a network of young people that have come together to create a platform for new development, critical thinking, effective leadership and new thought processes in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Balkans, and even the Caribbean.

“By placing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) at the center of this, our initiatives will strengthen the capacity of emerging youth leaders to launch and execute successful SDG campaigns. Our partnership with IVolunteer International will allow us to reach a global audience of young people worldwide” commented Maxton Scotland, CEO of Impakt X, on the importance of this partnership. 

“IVolunteer International is expanding on our reach of volunteers. Our vision is creating 7-billion volunteers and this international partnership is just the beginning of our outreach efforts to mobilize all people to become volunteers, to create a global volunteering movement. Our roots are here, in Savannah. And when something is made in Savannah, it becomes limitless” said Nipuna Ambanpola, Executive Director of IVolunteer International. 

The two organizations will work together to compile strategies to provide young people with the necessary tools and skills to allow them to take ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals and leadership in their societies.

About IVolunteer International

IVolunteer International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in Savannah, Georgia. It is also a Gold Seal nonprofit organization on Guidestar. It is a technology nonprofit organization, with membership in FastForward. In 2019, IVolunteer International was awarded finalist for the “Peace Through Trade Competition” by World Trade Center Savannah.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Nipuna Ambanpola via email at [email protected]. Visit the Press Kit for more information.

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