We believe in the power of the people. That’s why, apart from connecting you to projects in your local community using a mobile app, we also took measures to inspire and encourage volunteers around the world. Our main three initiatives, BirthdayDeed, IVolunteer Series, and GroceryAid all provide inidivduals the ability to create change and contribute to social impact in their own unique way.


Join thousands of people worldwide and pledge to do some good on your birthday. From planting a tree, writing a card, donating to a charity, to volunteering online, options are limitless! Share your deeds using #birthdaydeed.

IVolunteer Series

IVolunteer Series is a virtual talk-show that hosts action-leaders from around the world to talk about volunteerism, grass-root movements, activism, and all kinds of social impact. Each episodes generates thousands of views from a global audience and have hosted an array of local activists, international representatives, youth leaders, volunteers, and innovators.

Writers' Council Fellowship

Established in 2019, the Writers' Council has grown to be one of the most popular programs we have established. The Writers’ Council Fellowship recruits young leaders and activists from around the world to create a platform for change-making and empowerment. Fellows go through professional development sessions, meet and interact with other Fellows, and power our blog by spotlighting local and global issues.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can now volunteer to delivery groceries to seniors in Georgia. Sign up to get groceries delivered or to volunteer yourself.

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