About the Organization

“Flipleaves” is an African Initiative based in Nigeria which brings creative African people and storytellers together to make books for kids in one day. These books are then curated and made available for prints and free download.

Volunteer Opportunity

September 2018, we had the first edition of the Flipleaves Bookathon. Teams made up of Writers, Designers, Illustrators, and Social media storytellers came together to make books for kids in 6 hours. It is a fun initiative that aims at creating new stories African kids can relate with and make them available for free download. We then go ahead to print these books and distribute to kids who can’t afford them.

Volunteer Responsibility

  • Writers: To write unique stories for kids (5 years and below).
  • Illustrators: To express approved stories via colorful illustrations in 6 hours.
  • Designers: Work with a team to arrange the stories and make them into books.
  • Social Media Storytellers: To use social media to tell the efforts of their teams. These group of people will make projected trends on social media and create a buzz before and during the book then.

Benefits to Volunteers

  • Networking with fellow creatives
  • Books created will be credited to everyone who created them.
  • Certificate of participation.

Apply & Contact Details

Apply here:
Contact: contact@flipleaves