Peru Vivential, a non-governmental organization located in Trujillo, Peru, conducts English teaching project for children enrolled in the public school system. Due to the economic system and ongoing development, most of Peru public schools do not offer English classes to students – lack of finances and professionals is mostly the reason why.
Our mission is to provide the possibility for kids to have English classes and the possibility to get in touch with other cultures, regardless of their financial status.

Volunteer Opportunity

Your role will consist of leading and assist the English classes, where possible this will be done together with more volunteers and you will be guided by the coordinator all the time. At present, the general level of English of our learners across all schools and settings is basic. Generally, volunteers will work with classes 3 times a week between 3 hours per day it’s flexible, and the length of lessons is usually around an hour, but can sometimes be shortened or extended depending on other activities of schools and settings. The class teacher will usually be there in the classroom with you but normally not participating. Depending on which class you teach the assistance you will receive from the teacher will vary.

Specific tasks include a combination of the activities listed below:

  • Giving English lessons to children
  • Bringing new ideas to improve the HELP English project.
  • Preparing lesson plans or even a syllabus or study programme for your subject, considering what’s been done in the past and what can be improved now.
  • Guaranteeing that all the materials used during each session are stored and put back into place afterward. The school is open most of the year (from January to December). Volunteers can get there from Monday to Thursday – in the morning (9:00 am until 11:30 am). However, it might vary according to the subject(s) you will be teaching.

Benefits to Volunteers

Volunteering with us will provide you a great and wonderful experience in your life, you will never forget the children from the school as well as the dogs from the shelter, this experience will give you a perspective of our world helping you along with your life and provide an understanding as to why it is important. Other benefits and engagement activities mentioned below:

  • Spanish Classes.
  • Salsa and Bachata Classes.
  • Tours and Tourist activities around the City.
  • Campings, Trekking, hiking and more.
  • Sandboarding Practice.
  • Surf Lessons.
  • Trips and Visits to other cities in Peru.
  • Certificate as an International Volunteer.
  • Parties and entrances to the clubs in the cities.
  • Many other activities the organization prepare for the volunteers.

Apply & Contact Details

For more information, get in touch via email on [email protected] or [email protected] or on Whatsapp +51931088846. Reach out to Jondec William (Director) via email on the same email addresses.