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The Saturday School Foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of educators in Bangkok, with the mission to unleash children’s potential, improve their quality of life, and create sustainable community development through local volunteering efforts. We have partnered with local schools, communities, public and private sectors, and government agencies on providing skill development, positive mindsets, and learning opportunities for underprivileged children in Bangkok. SSIV is 1 of our 5 projects.

Description of the Project

This is Saturday School International Volunteer’s (SSIV) 3rd program and our first full 2-week program. The program is structured as follows:

  • Days 1-2: Training with local educators and change-makers, and other international volunteers.
  • Days 3-7: Teach in a public school, under the supervision of the Saturday School team. The program will create learning opportunities for both volunteers and students, allowing for dynamic relational opportunities, culture and knowledge exchange, and increased foreign language competency and self-confidence in students.
  • Days 8-13: Traveling in Bangkok’s old town. Volunteers will take part in activities alongside locals in the community. We have partnered with local social enterprise to target small, local businesses that need help. Volunteers will act as consultants for these businesses: you will innovate and prototype ideas, and pitch these ideas to our committee to ensure sustainability. These ideas will inspire local businesses to revamp themselves, and in turn, boosts the local economy.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Dates: June 8-20th 2019, full days

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Join 2-day training session on design thinking, creative community, lesson design, etc.
  • Teach 12-15-year-old students (Grades 7-9) in a public school, using English as the medium
  • Join reflection sessions to share experiences, gain feedback, and adapt lessons to maximize impact
  • Visit a local business to collect data and learn about problems owners are facing
  • Prototype an idea to help business owners improve
  • Pitch this idea to a committee to ensure sustainable impact

Volunteers should;

  • Pass our selection process (application form and interview)
  • Be adaptable
  • Be open to different cultures, constant learning, and feedback
  • No prior teaching/volunteering experience required!

Volunteer Benefits

  • A chance to share learnings and work alongside Bangkok’s change-makers and other international volunteers, passionate to create social impact
  • A rare opportunity to teach Bangkok’s public school students
  • Creative communication, lesson planning, design thinking skills (and more!)
  • A hands-on consultation experience to real businesses, and a chance to try and test any creative solutions
  • A unique and in-depth opportunity to travel through Bangkok’s communities alongside locals
  • A 24-hour local guide who provides 3 meals per day, travel logistics, etc.
  • Certification as SSIV’s volunteer
  • And of course: an enriching, rewarding experience of giving and growing to the global community!

Top 10 Reasons to join SSIV in Bangkok

Application & Information


For more information, contact Thanita Phuvanatnaranubala, International Volunteer Officer via email.