The Sooriya Village : Latest Addition For Budding Artists

The Sooriya Village

The Sooriya Village is an idea birthed from the legendary “Sooriya” label, the pioneer in producing popular music in Sri Lanka during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Today, the Sooriya brand once again enters the industry not only to aid musicians but artists of all forms to help nurture and promote their creations through the facility’s versatile resources.

Located in a colonial bungalow, free from the noisy vehicles and polluted air the beautiful Sooriya village features a recording studio, library, lecture hall, music store, and a 90-seat restaurant, as well as dorm rooms and practice spaces.

And this is for all who loves to dine and celebrate the good times, the restaurant at the village whose menu was created by Sri Lankan celebrity chef Koluu was also opened to the public on the 10th of September.

With the launch of the village, the Wickremesooriya family relaunched the record label and will make television documentaries about the evolution of Sri Lankan music and the making of both the Sooriya record label and the village.

Speaking more about what is available there at the newly opened Sooriya village – the library provides a wide variety of books for readers who are interested in various forms of art. There is easy access to the books and a calm and quiet atmosphere which will for sure make it a sanctuary for art enthusiasts to nurture their interests.

And yeah, for all the hardcore music enthusiasts, the suit which is available at the village is equipped with Yamaha merchandise! This mind-blowing arena is able to create an environment that facilitates through its superior products.

The Jerome Laksman De Silva suit of 350 feet is the largest available rehearsal space and offers a fully soundproofed, acoustically treated and air conditioned space for musicians to rent.

The Unique collection of Sooriya souvenirs which includes selections from one of a kind T-shirts, Jazzy mugs, and delightful trinkets are also available for a grab.

Watch video below to have an exact view of how the village looks like and what they offer,

How they began…..

‘Sooriya’ is a Record Label that was founded in 1968 by Gerald Wickremesooriya and went on to become Sri Lanka’s most innovative and revolutionary record label.

The company originally founded in 1959 by Gerald and Dulcie Wickremesooriya as ‘The Children’s Bookshop’ was situated in Clock Tower, Fort and drew large numbers of  Sri Lankans looking for children’s books and imported vinyl records.

It was only in 1968 that the label was launched and became a pioneer in the genres of Sinhala and Tamil Pop and then later went on to reinvent genres such as traditional folk music, traditional drum rhythms, theatre music, sinhala light classical, children’s songs, religious chant etc.

IVolunteer International joining hands with The Sooriya Village

We here at IVolunteer International were able to join hands with the management of The Sooriya Village for their grand opening on the 9th and 10th of September. The Volunteers who signed up through us for this grand opening were given an opportunity to be a part of the big day!!!

The volunteers who signed up with us teamed with the Board of Directors at the grand opening and were given good exposure to the volunteering environment. And we hope they enjoyed and made good friend too!!!

So hurry up and make some time to visit Sooriya Village if you are a person who is passionate towards arts and music because nothing can make you feel comfy more than having the gift of music. And await for an exclusive interview which will reveal you more about what’s up on the line ahead at Sooriya Village!!!



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