About the Organization

Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers was started with a simple premise: get a group of locals together that are fiercely determined to clean up Tybee, arm them with grabbers and buckets, and hit the beach frequently – several times a month – to get that trash off the beach. After we remove the trash, we sort it, count it, and store it until it’s time to reuse, recycle, or make art with what we collect.

Our beach cleanings are intensive. We seek to remove the smallest items that may not be picked up by city employees or infrequent but large-scale beach sweeps – things like small bits of plastic, butts, straws, stirrers, styrofoam pieces, shards of plastic wrappers, band-aids, hair ties, and countless other small items are what we typically find. If these items are not removed, they will most likely end up ingested by marine life, be swept out to sea, or become buried deeper into the sand. And since all plastic is toxic, these microplastic bits and butt filters will leach into the wet sand unless removed. That’s why we do frequent ‘deep cleanings’ and focus on the small stuff.

Volunteer Opportunity

If you are planning to join us, go to the announced meeting location, look for the Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers banner, pick up a bucket & grabber, and hit the beach for as long as you like, typically an hour. When finished, simply leave the full bucket and grabber by the cart since we sort and recycle as much of the trash as possible.

Date: January 6, 2019 and January 20, 2019 at 3:00 pm.
Location: On January 6, 2019, meet in front of the Marine Science Center, parking passes available at the sign-in table

Please wear appropriate attire and bring gloves.

Send an email to for more information or visit their website.