TeachPTY is a volunteer organization founded in Panama, Rep. of Panama, dedicated to teaching basic English using interactive/creative methods. Our objective is to attract young professionals, college students and recently graduated individuals who want an unforgettable experience while giving back to the community. We are located in the small town of Pedasi, in the province of Los Santos and our goal is to expand to the rest of the country in the future.

Description of the Project

TeachPTY offers a way to get to know a country by submerging yourself in it and helping a community by sharing places and cultures they would otherwise very unlikely discover, through the introduction of a tool as valuable as a language.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to bond with the community and experience the authentic Panamanian way of living. They will be expected to teach approximately 8-10 hours per week and will be encouraged to explore Panama during their free time. TeachPTY provides volunteers the opportunity to stay in a safe, home-like environment while having a positive impact in the community.

We aim to enhance a cross-cultural experience so children and volunteers can learn from each other, whether if this means a new language or tradition. Our goal is to bring the world closer to connecting people from different backgrounds, ages, and uprisings, no matter where they come from, and give them the opportunity to experience a new language and culture.


Pedasi, in the province of Los Santo, Panama, Republic of Panama

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Volunteers will be expected to teach approximately 8-10 hours per week. Classes are in the afternoon from 15:30 to 17:30.
  • Mondays are brainstorming sessions for 2 hours for class preparation during that week.
  • Volunteers will be teaching English on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 15:30 till 17:30.
  • There is always an in staff personnel that helps with the classes and guidance. If the volunteer does not have experience, we will be helping them all along the way!!

Volunteer Requirements

  • Native English speaker or qualified via our Skype interview.
  • Flexible, creative, resourceful.
  • Hard working and motivated!!
  • Spanish language skills are not required but always a plus!!

Volunteer Benefits

TeachPTY Certification. Since it is a legitimate organization you can use the teaching hours for an internship or university credit.

Apply & Contact Details

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