Conservation Volunteers Australia is Australasia’s leading conservation volunteer organisation, founded in 1982. We offer conservation programs across Australia which enable volunteers to protect, preserve and restore the Australian environment. Projects take place in urban, regional and remote areas, and include tree planting, seed collection, weed control, flora and fauna surveys, building tracks and trails, fencing, and heritage restoration.

Project Details

The Swan and Canning River catchment system is host to a range of important and unique ecosystems and a diverse range of native and endemic flora and fauna. Rapid population growth and increased urban development in the Swan Canning catchment, has led to a decline in water quality, dwindling water resources and native vegetation.

Biodiversity has become an increasingly important topic over recent years. Having a diverse range of plants and animals in your local area not only makes it a more interesting and beautiful place to live but biodiversity also aids in the natural purification of the air we breathe and water we drink.

Perth’s wetlands and catchments are valuable natural assets because they provide habitat for aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna, and support biodiversity and threatened species. They drain land, transport and store water, and carry flood waters. Wetlands influence the water quality of rivers and streams by removing pollutants such as sediments, nutrients, organic and inorganic matter and some pathogens.

This week, we will be at various locations within the Swan Canning catchment. Join our team leaders for a day out in the environment as we help out with mulching, green stock management, invasive weed removal and much more.

Please note that locations will be confirmed closer to the date.

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*Cover Image Courtesy; Conversation Volunteers.