About Salvation Scarves

Salvation Scarves’ whole mission is to make sure Homeless on our streets of Atlanta, Georgia, USA is able to stay warm in the colder months. We collect donations including knitted Scarves, Hats, and Gloves, but we also have started collecting Socks and Coats/Jackets. Last year we collected donations from all across the USA but also collected donations from Kenya. Our motto is from John 16:32 “Yet I am not alone for my Father is with me”. Everyone should feel the warmth from within and external.

About the Donation Drive

Salvation Scarves started in late January 2018 when our family met and tried to come up with an event near Thanksgiving time for us to give back to society. We agreed on collecting Scarves, Gloves/Mittens and Hats(Knitted). It wasn’t until someone donated Coats then we realized that people would be warm on their hands, hats, and necks but not their torso. A Veteran heard about our story and sent us a donation of socks which a letter saying “when I was overseas the only thing I wanted the most was another pair of socks”. We only expected 150 total pieces during the donation time but we ended the first season with over 1,700 pieces. This year, 2019, we are partnering with “Hope Through Soap” to have multiple donation sites which will allow us to give out even more donations for the people who need them. We are giving out donations at 2 different drives, October 12, 2019, and January 11, 2020.

Location: The distribution of donations will be happening in Metro-Atlanta.

How can you help?

Volunteers can send us numerous things that are very much needed. We would love Scarves, Knitted Hats, Gloves, Socks and very gently used Jackets of all sizes. Help us help others. Follow us on Facebook and message us when you have a donation and are wanting our address to send it to us.

For more information…

Please write to the following individuals if you’re interested in donating warm clothing to Salvation Scarves. You can also follow them on Facebook!

Apply and Contact Details:
Brennan Fitzgerald

Mimi (Mary) Hamilton