“Birthday-Deed” is a project of IVOLUNTEER INTERNATIONAL INC., that encourages people around the world to sign up and do good on their birthdays. Your birthday (born-day) is a special day for you and all of us. The change you make in the world would not have happened if you were born. But, what if you remind yourself and others of this great and happy day by doing something good on your birthday? — This is exactly we set out to do.

Doing something good on my birthday is the most refreshing feeling I’ve ever had. It reminds me of why I’m here in this world and allows me to take, in minimum, one day off to let myself impact the people around me and my community.

Here’s how the whole project works:

  1. You sign up on our platform using the sign-up link. We ask for your name, birthday and email address.
  2. 7 days before your birthday, we send you an automated email reminding you to do something good on your birthday.
  3. On your birthday, you prepare and carry out your good deed (take pictures/videos etc!)
  4. You post those pictures/videos on your social media and invite more people to sign up for our link! Use #BirthdayDeed!

Our vision: One day, there will be a year where we have 7 billion good-deeds happen because of birthdays of the peoples in the world!

Here are some of the projects others have done:

  1. Plant a tree in your backyard
  2. Give up something until your next birthday (something like Lent)
  3. Write a note to your parents/teachers
  4. Prepare lunch for homeless
  5. Clean up your cupboard and donate your old, usable clothes
  6. Donate to a charity (maybe ours!)
  7. Read an educational book
  8. Spread some good thoughts with someone on social media
  9. Donate your hair!
  10. Join a Rotary/Rotaract club in your community
  11. Donate your old textbooks

We hope you have fun! Don’t forget to let us know when you’ve finished the project! Use the hashtag #BirthdayDeed!