Cosplay Clean Up is a coalition of people coming together to tackle an important humanitarian crisis by conducting clean-ups.

“We have the time, the resources and the ability TODAY to make a difference and to help save this world. All we need is you, and somewhere to start. The best superheroes began as ordinary people like us, who rose up to fight for what was right – to put in the effort to make a difference. Why do we act like these people only exist in the well-worn pages of our most beloved comic books when we can act like this every day? We might not have laser eyesight or be the next wielder of One for All, but through the Cosplay Clean Up, we can begin with one event for all.”

About Cosplay Clean Up Sri Lanka

In collaboration with Mindful Travels, Lanka Comic Con and Geek Club of Sri Lanka we proudly present our first international event at Kinross Beach, Sri Lanka!

This is not your usual beach clean up event. This world needs more everyday superheroes to rise to the call to save this planet and our oceans, and its time to deliver! Come join us in your incredible cosplay, superhero themed outfits, or even turn up as an odd vigilante or two.

You can also come wearing a comic book themed t-shirt! Together we can raise awareness about the crisis our oceans face from waste and plastic pollution, whilst walking the talk and showing the power we have as individuals to make a bigger difference.

Event Coordinators: Amar Riyaz, Lauren Sandeman and Sharan Velauthan

Meeting point: In front of KFC Marine Drive
Start Time and group photo: 3:40pm
Clean-Up: 4pm – 5.30pm
Sorting and Counting: 5.30pm-6pm
Wrap Up: 6pm

Sign-Up and More Details

For more details, visit their Facebook event page.