About the Organization

Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CLED) Ghana is a nonprofit organization that creates an opportunity for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel, and students (when appropriate) to work together to improve educational results for children with learning disabilities and special needs in Ghana.

Volunteer Opportunity

CLED is searching for volunteers who could join them as Co-Teachers. Co-Teaching Volunteers will learn, collaborate and assist teachers in partner schools. Ghanaian Schools have large class sizes and most children with learning disabilities and special needs to get adequate attention and support from their teachers. Schools have inadequate teaching and learning materials. You are welcome to learn, collaborate and co-teach with a particular teacher and grade throughout your stay.

Volunteer Responsibilities

As Co-teaching volunteer, you will be learning and involved in the following tasks in the classroom;

  • You go round the classroom observing and providing assistance to students as needed while the class teacher teaches.
  • You will be helping to mark and correct the student’s classwork and homework.
  • You will be helping to make teaching and learning materials to assist students better understand lessons
  • You can also counsel and assist students one-on-one at your free time and
  • Assist in other CLED activities
  • Reading questions to pupils who have reading difficulties
  • Recording answers for pupils who have writing difficulty.

Volunteer & Sign Up

To volunteer, find more information on their official website or email
Padmore Quansah; Director.