Why join a Community Development Club?

Community Development

Following are some of the reasons the youth can consider to join a community development club.

1. Meet and Mingle

You barely got friends and you are the loner sending memes to yourself. Imagine hanging out with a bunch of nice people! (A potential x amount of people who could end up on your contact list so you can play your social media game big time) Who knows whether you are going to find “friends for lifetime” here? Yes possible! Such clubs are all about Friendship, Fellowship and Love.


2. Challenge yourself

Many of these clubs have incredible opportunities to ignite your potentials. Stretch your scope by reaching out and helping the communities in need. Give something back and at the same time add value to yourself as well. In a simple way, you can make this world a better place to live in. In a world where you can be anything, choose to be a social worker!


3. Be a Leader

If you still couldn’t give some life to the great leader in you, this is going to be the turning point! These clubs are the ideal platform to flash up your incredible leadership skills. Even if you always love to play the “pawn”, the moment you step in, you are in the process of becoming a King/Queen and leading the pack one day.

4. Face your fear

Who does not want to get face their fears? Speaking with confidence may be the new trend but why harness some serious skills that can entirely benefit you for the rest of your life. No shivering, sweating and fears anymore!


5. Fun

If you think social work is all about work, work and work; well you are mistaken! This is fun and an exciting place to be. We know how tough life can be but you don’t have to suffer 24 x 7. You can have fun. There is a whole list of activities going on in the clubs to spice up your life and make you feel alive!


6. Learn and Grow 

Your next step as a youth or student is the bustling corporate world. Are you ready to kick off as a budding professional? Polish yourself with contemporary knowledge and professionalism. When working with a good club, you have hundred and one opportunities to groom yourself and become a dynamic thriving professional!


7. Enrich with Ethics

Do you know how many of people are dreaming of the life you are living at the moment? It is true that life is not a bed of roses. But if you contribute to add a single rose to someone else’s life, you have earned a priceless value to your life. This is called being ethical. Spread love. If you have a meal today, there is someone who doesn’t even have a crumble of a bread, please share, you are not going to starve and die!

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