Family, Education and Well-being


Family” is a word we hear, experience and live throughout our lives. Why is it so important?

The Root of “Family”

The Latin word “Familia” is the root of “family”. Familia refers to an entire household: not just the parents and children who formed the traditional nuclear family but also the household domestics. Though the structure of the family has changed with time, family still remains important.

International Day of Family

The International Day of Families as declared by the UN is on May 15th. The United Nations drew the attention on the role of families and family-oriented policies in promoting and overall well-being of their members on the International Day of Families. In other words, it’s to raise awareness on early childhood education and lifelong learning and opportunities for children and youth.

Time spent with family is worth every second…

It is very important to be involved in the family life even if you are a working parent. The process of supporting a child physically, mentally and financially takes a lot of patience and skills. It requires constant work and growth. But the most important thing to remember is that you cannot be replaced. Compared to the past, there is a vast opportunity for the parents today in getting help with their problems. There is an increasing amount of Social Media platforms for mothers, fathers and even for caregivers.

While technology has certainly helped families stay in close contact with each other, can it replace the feeling of a hug given to a child by a parent or receiving a hug from a child?

Make a note to yourself and go have fun with your family. Let’s start being more closer with our loved ones from today onward.

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