IVolunteer International seeks volunteer ambassadors to help promote and conduct the work of the organization. Ambassadors will work within their immediate community and sphere of influence to raise the visibility of the organization and facilitate the mission. Pursuing duties, such as those below, that play to their own individual strengths and abilities, Ambassadors will work to advance the common good of our communities through the framework provided by IVolunteer International. IVolunteer International Ambassadors will primarily fall under the category of a “Member” of the organization.

IV Ambassadors’ will mainly serve in the IVolunteer Ambassadors’ Council, which will operate under the leadership of the Chief Ambassador, connecting the world in writing resolutions, and doing projects in areas of the world that needs help.


IVolunteer International increases the organized capacity of people to increase the quality of human living through International Understanding and Youth Engagement in order to attain world peace and conflict resolution. The IVolunteer Ambassadors need to have excellent communication skills and be open minded, ready to accept the differences of individuals and groups throughout the world. The Ambassadors will have the opportunity to interact with IVolunteer Ambassadors worldwide and therefore, must have excellent English language writing and speaking ability. IVolunteer Ambassadors will uphold strict discipline and act as role models in their day-to-day activities and provide youth leadership in their respective communities.


  • Interest in International relations and world peace.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.
  • Good public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Passion for volunteering.
  • Flexibility, humility and cultural sensitivity.
  • Excellent Microsoft Office Software experience and skills.
  • Be responsible, organized and respect deadlines.
  • Leadership qualities and be able to work with a team.


  • Understand the mission of IVolunteer International by reviewing the organization material and projects.
  • Connect the IVolunteer International chapters and/or Board of Directors to the issues, challenges, and opportunities that are unique to the community, which you live in.
  • Attend local events (e.g. chamber gatherings and non-profit fundraising events) as a representative of IVolunteer International and distribute the goals and ideals of the organization as appropriate.
  • Network in the local community to identify non-profit organizations that are providing services. As appropriate, supply these organizations with information about IVolunteer International and encourage them to join hands.
  • Provide information to the IV Ambassadors’ Council regarding worthy local non-profit organizations and the work they are doing in order to partner and join hands together.
  • Volunteer, help recruit volunteers to assist the events and promotion of IVolunteer International.

For more information send an email to ambassador@ivint.org. Contact the Chief Ambassador: Thareendra Archana via email thareendra@ivint.org