2018 Campaign

To the goal

Send any checks written to IVOLUNTEER INTERNATIONAL INC., to 15 Lake Street, Suite 280, Savannah GA, 31411 USA.

When IVolunteer International was born in 2015, we had one goal; to make volunteering easy. Volunteering is one of the most beautiful things you can engage in your lifetime. It grows you as a person, provides you great networks and brings communities together for common causes. But volunteering is not easy and sometimes, is costly. These challenges drive a big portion of our society away from volunteering. We wanted to tackle that and make volunteering more easy, accessible, fun and cost-effective.

That’s why we put together an online platform that is available to the entire world. Organizations and individuals who are organizing projects can simply log into our website and submit information about their project. On the other hand, individuals who would like to volunteer can browse through our website, filter their location and find volunteer opportunities around their community. This enabled individuals to volunteer for projects they care about without any fees and weekly commitments. In fact, they could now choose to volunteer for different projects routinely as they wished.

"This idea just took off. Since 2015, we have connected over 2,000 volunteers for more than 40 projects. We have been redefining the way people of the world respond to volunteering."

So we wanted to take it further. We strategized a bold and ambitious plan. In 2019, we hope to launch a mobile app that will identify the user’s location and show them volunteer opportunities around where they live or travel. The app will allow individuals to see a description of the project including location, time, and the organization hosting it. Users will be able to sign up, see who else is signed up and volunteer for causes they care about, whenever they are free.

We believe that this mobile app will reshape how volunteers are connected to volunteer opportunities in their local communities and around the world. That’s why we are raising funds to make this investment come true. If you believe in our vision and the hope we are boldly planning to provide to the world, support us with the information provided below.